Wick Trimmer

Wick Trimmer

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Our sneaker candles burn vertically from the top all the way to the sole of the shoe. However, they do not burn all the way through the tip of the shoe (where your toes would normally be).

Yup, they sure are! But don’t worry… they aren’t too big. They are about the same size as a real women’s shoe size 6/5 (US/UK)

Most people prefer the “life-size” version when they see both next to each other. This is because the life-size candle looks so dang good in person! If you have a space for it, definitely go with the life-size. If not, the mini is the exact same in every way (it’s just smaller!)

All of our candles are unscented. Previous versions have be scented, but we found that adding fragrance can cause discoloration over time or with exposure to UV light (sunlight).

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No. 23 - Life Size

Named after the basketball great, Michael Jordan, this candle is just as legendary as he is.

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